Sunday, April 19, 2015


Tressie C's blog is about the book The Last Olympian. It is from the Percy Jackson series. She goes on in her blog about the characters of the book. Percy is the main character. Setting is in New York city. She describes what will soon be a battle between Percy and Kronos. This book was the last book in the Percy Jackson series but it also leads into a new series The Heroes of Olympus.
I myself have not read the Percy Jackson series. But I do read books about the Greek Gods and the Titans. I find Greek mythology to be very interesting. She did a great job of summarizing the book.

Lisa T's blog is about the koala bear. In her blog she describes their habitat and what they eat. They live in Eastern Africa and consume the leaves of eucalyptus trees. Koalas are not "bears" but marsupials. Their population is small and scattered.
Her blog was very informative. I did not know koalas had a distinct odor and that it resembled the smell of cough drops.

Marcellus's blog is about life without Jordan's. He says it would be hard for him to go without the shoes. He says that he would get made fun of for wearing cheap shoes. I would have to disagree with his post.
I cannot relate to his post. Not everything is about what brand of shoes you have on.

Ariana's blog is her bucket list for 2015-2020. She wants to get a better paying job, go to college, bungee jump , and skydive. She also wants to become a professional nascar driver. She has very ambitious goals.
I have not put a bucket list together myself, but it is something I have thought about. She has a quite a list of things she wants to do.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blog post 13

What did I leave out? Create an assignment for a blog and then do it your self.
Assignment: Apps for physical educators and coaches to use in the classroom and on the field.
Instructions: Look up 5 apps for Physical Education teachers and coaches that could be used in the classroom. Write a brief paragraph for each app that you list.

1. Teamsnap- this is a great app for any coach. With this app you can view and edit the team roster. It allows you to schedule events on the calendar and you can also sync it to the team members. This app includes group messaging, this is great for any last minute changes. It has a statistics feature that lets you manage and look at players stats. Teamsnap
2.Balance it- This app can be used by any physical educators to incorporate balancing into their curriculum. It includes over 60 illustrations designed to develop students skills with a variety of group and individual balances. The difficulty of these balances increase throughout the app. After a student has completed a task they can take a photo of them doing it and share it with others around the globe using the same app. Balance it
3.PE shake- PE shake contains more than 100 warm up games and activities. This app is great for any physical educator. Simply shake the app and it will randomly give you a game to play. Games are suited for both primary and secondary school students. These games also require minimal equipment. it can be used by both the student( as a reward) or by the teacher.
4.Assistant coach- This is another great app for coaches. It allows you to manage players, games, and practices. You can even calculate statistics and export them to PDF or email. With this app a coach can keep track of a players attendance and their statistics. It can be used for many sports its not specific for just one. The app includes a clipboard feature that you can draw on and explain plays with your team. It also connects coaches to other coaches from all over the world. Assistant coach
5. PE Plus- Features over 100 different games in ten categories.  It includes lesson plans that range from short activities to longer lessons. It encourages students of all ages to get moving and to be active.  It can also be used by coaches. Every game has details about how to be preformed , details about the activity and what equipment you might need. This app is great for both primary and secondary education. The app has games that require specific skills if you are working on such a skill set in class.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

C4T blog post 3

Mrs. Greller's blog is about James Patterson's pledge to help school libraries. She has read many of his books and when he wrote books for a younger audience she ordered them for her library. She has also met James Patterson at a speaking event, She goes on in her blog about how he believes every child should have access to books. He thinks reading is important in education.
I Enjoyed reading her blog. I am a reader myself. I Think what Mr. Patterson is doing is a great idea. That would certainly help school libraries supply their students with books and further their education. It would be great if more authors would do something like this.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog post 11

In Back To the Future we can learn that with technology we can learn to think outside the box. Students learn from the experiments they do, they cover the standards and then the students write a blog about it. You get to share a classes experiences with other students around the world. Active learning invites students to be learners. Using technology can help incorporate students with health problems or other disabilities in the classroom.
Blended Learning Cycle is the combination of online, mobile, and classroom work. There are five components to the learning cycle; explore, explain, expand, engage, and evaluate. The first part to any learning cycle would be to start with a question that engages the students. The students ask a question and the investigate it. After they investigate they watch a video describing what they are doing, the elaborate on it, review it and then they take a quiz at the end to test their knowledge of what they just learned.
In the Sam Pane 4th Grade video we can learn how to teach the students the proper way to use the internet. We can teach them to be responsible and safe. They created a super digital citizen and placed them in a story. They built a narrative to help them understand how to be safe when using these resources.
With Project Based Learning it engages learners and it gives them a better understanding of what it is they are learning. It allows the students and teachers more time to do projects. It makes students responsible for their projects. It also teaches them skills that they don't normally learn in a regular classroom.
In the last video Roosevelt Elementary's PBL Program we learn that with project based learning the style is much different. It deals with real world problems and brings them into the classroom. Project based learning teaches real world problem solving skills such as learning to speak in public and learning to work with others. The students get to make their own choices. They learn to work by them self as well as working with others.